My aim is to guide you to identify relevant underlying factors of your concerns to address them effectively, and finally unlock your full potential.

During a coaching session, I offer you a safe and caring environment where you feel at ease, and know that you are trusted, respected and understood.

Areas of expertise

Intercultural coaching

  • you live and/work in a multicultural environment
  • you are expatriate and you want to find your way into the new culture
  • you want to learn how to interact better with people from other cultures than yours

Vocational coaching

  • you want to get clarity on your career/study choices
  • you’re thinking of changing career
  • you want to find out what could be the next professional steps and how to implement them 
  • you want to find your life purpose
  • you want to better know what you are good at and what you can accomplish 

Coaching process

During our coaching sessions, I will help you grow and give you the tools to handle difficult situations better. Through dialogs and practical exercises, I will help you reflect and learn new ways to think about what has been holding you back so you can have a better handle of your daily life.

A coaching session is a solution oriented dialog in the here and now. Your active contribution and readiness to self-reflection are key to finally feel empowered and make the changes in your life.

Free consultation

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel exhausted, anxious or stuck, the best way is to reach out for help. Asking for help is a courageous act because you recognise and accept that something is not working as you wish, and also because you are ready to open yourself and start the vulnerable journey that is healing.
By taking the first step to reach out to me, you take ownership and show that you matter to yourself. As a coach, I want to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Schedule your free consultation to see how you can develop personally and professionally. 

The coaching sessions can take place in English, German or French.  

The sessions are taking place online.