“Joy is in everything;

you have to know how to extract it.”


Hi there, I´m Sophie! I offer vocational coaching, wellness massage and intercultural training. How did I get there? Below, you can learn more about my experiences and competencies.


Cultural experiences

  • I grew up in France in a multicultural environment
  • I did several school exchanges with Germany, the USA and China
  • I studied in Berlin and in Seoul for 6 months each
  • I lived and worked in Munich for 2 years
  • I live in Hamburg since 2015


  • I´m fluent in French, German and English
  • I speak Portuguese on a conversational level
  • I learned Chinese-mandarin for 3 years
  • I have some basic knowledge in Korean

Working activities

  • I worked 6 years in human resources
  • I worked for international companies in Paris, Munich and Hamburg
  • I am self-employed since 2019
  • I have my own office in Ottensen
  • I work for Intouch Massageoase in Eimsbüttel
  • I am volunteer coach/counsultant by Zeitleben e.V

Certifications & studies

  • I studied international trade and people management, in France and abroad
  • I´m certified as a Business-life coach
  • I´m certified as an intercultural trainer & moderator
  • I´m certified as a wellness massage therapist

My story

I´m originally from France, where I grew up, and I´ve been living in Germany since 2013.

When people ask me “Where is home?”, I answer Hamburg , as I’ve found a sense of belonging in this city. Today, I feel that I am at the right place both personally and professionally.

Hamburg Alster

But some years ago things were different. I felt unfulfilled by challenging myself in trying to simultaneously grow in my career and settling down in a new country. This experience caused many ups, and especially downs both in my professional as well as in my personal life.

I was convinced that speaking fluently the language of the country I lived in was an important element to feel integrated. However, there were other areas I realized I had to take into consideration: knowing myself better, nurturing my passions and developing my profound vocation.

When I decided to restructure my professional and personal life, I went through different phases of introspection and experimentation.

On the personal level, I started learning the brazilian dance couple forró, I also did some Portuguese language tandem.

On the professional level, I did some coaching programs and I got certified as a business-life coach, intercultural trainer and wellness massage therapist. This helped me understand and overcome many personal blockages and to find the confidence and certainty of what I wanted to do: offering intercultural coaching/training and massages.

personal development

I’ve always liked to meet new people and support them in their life and work challenges. I also felt that massage techniques are a key addition as I find mind and body to be strongly interconnected. For me, this is a personal balance and also a complementary approach to healing.

Since I´m young, I´m guided by the Greek phrase “know thyself” from the Delphic Oracle. I’m convinced that this maxim is a fundamental factor to find happiness and clarity. So are you ready to know yourself better and make changes in your life? 

Sophie Yanelle

If you are interested in getting support to grow professionally, you can schedule a free talk so that we can take time to get to know each other and see how I can support you.

If you would like to take care of your body and mind, have a look at my section wellness massages.