Vocational coaching with bodywork:

The power of conversational coaching with wellness massage

Find and implement the solution for your vocational projects

I offer a solution oriented coaching to help you in your professional projects. This coaching is based on typical “conversational coaching” and on welness massage/relaxation techniques so that you can integrate your solution efficiently and on the long term.


If you are just looking to relax and to release body tensions you may look at my whole body and head massage offers.

Wellness massage

Who am I?

I´m Sophie and I´m originally from France. I first moved to Munich in 2013. Two years later, I decided to move to Hamburg where I feel at home. If you want to learn more, go to the section about me.

My PhiloSophy

For me, mental and physical well-beings are connected to each other and go hand in hand. My holistic approach to healing led me to create the name Massagesse, a combination of the French words massage and sagesse. Sagesse means wisdom, ma sagesse means my wisdom.

When you come to my place, I help you discover what is the best for you and to find your own truth and wisdom to live a life you desire.

Massagesse is a place where you can be yourself, are listened to and get supported. 

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