Whether you have a physical pain or feel the need to take a break from the daily stress, I offer you through my massage the possibility to relax and reconnect with yourself, leaving you with a sensation of lightness, freer movements and a refreshed mind by the end of it.

Before the massage starts, I like to take the time to ask you how you feel and what your individual needs are for your session. Based on this, I will focus on the whole body or a more specific area. I will use different techniques and pressure depending on your preferences to release muscle tensions as I go.

I am trained in different types of massages, like Swedish, Lomi-Lomi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sport and Myo fascial Massages. During my massage, I apply technics and knowledge that I learnt from these massage types.

All massages include oil and essential oils upon preferences. 

A full body massage includes all body areas except the intim parts. Depending on your needs, I can focus on some areas such as the back and the shoulders.

Massage types

Full body massage 45 min

Full body massage 60 min

Full body massage 75 min

Full body massage 90 min

Full body massage with feelings anamnese prior to the massage 90 min


Balinese head massage 45 min

Balinese head massage 60 min


4 hands Massage 60 min (this type of massage can not be booked online so please send me a message)


Massage Voucher

Buy a personalised voucher to offer a massage to your family member/loved one. 


My philosophy

I attach a lot of importance in taking care of the body, especially when I remember that I have only one. I also realise I can achieve so much through it, from daily activities such as walking, talking, eating, or playing sports. However, I try to remember that it is easy to put too much strain on it.